Can Anybody Stop Michael van Gerwen?

For all Darts fans, this may be the exact question. For the 23 year old (yes he is that young!) is beginning to dominate the 2013 Premier League, destroying opponents weekly with his consistent high-scoring and checkouts.

Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor has been in charge of the Premier League for a while now but has seen a sudden decline in form, buoyed by the spectacle of a man who is almost 30 years younger.

Already a World Champion at 17, MVG has taken over and currently sits top of the Premier League at 4 points clear.

His remarkable speed and throwing of tungsten makes van Gerwen a nightmare to play against. One must wonder how good he will be when he reaches the age of someone like Taylor; a scary thought.

Perhaps the most amazing match I have seen van Gerwen play is against James Wade in the World Championship Semi-Finals. 17 perfect Darts from MVG flew in from the oche – a sensational effort which may never be repeated – unless of course he does it again in the next match.

Watch van Gerwen’s 17 perfect Darts Here