Vettel Wins in Malaysia as he ignores Team Orders

It seems that Sebastian Vettel may be making his own way to China for the next race in the Formula One Calendar. His actions which gave him the Race win will be on everyone’s mind.

The Malaysian Grand Prix however provided many talking points which also saw Fernando Alonso retire after just Lap 2 from a collision which saw his wing-mirror come off. The decision made by Alonso to not Pit-Stop proved to be the wrong one and he was out.

Lewis Hamilton; a man who has just transferred teams from McLaren to Mercedes paid his old mechanic team a visit in a pit-stop.

The battle from the offset was between Vettel and fellow Red Bull team mate Mark Webber. Webber had been advised to stay in front throughout the race but Vettel ignored these orders.

In a tight confrontation the pair were both vying for first place with Vettel eventually doing so and closing out the race.

Third place went to Lewis Hamilton and fourth to fellow team-mate Nico Rosberg who in fact obeyed team orders to stay behind Hamilton.

Warned by his Red Bull boss to not do so, Vettel took over Webber with 13 laps to go.

In Formula One, all drivers want to win badly as Vettel showed. What is crucial is that Vettel will go into the next race in a few weeks, ahead in the Championship. What will come from events in Malaysia is another thing though and it will be interesting to see so.

Raikkonen Wins Opening Race of 2013 Formula One Season in Melbourne

Kimi Raikkonen, driving under Team Lotus has won the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne in the opening date of the Formula One Calendar in 2013.

Fernando Alonso and Ferrari took second and current reigning champion Sebastian Vetter came third.

Many eyes were on the Red Bull team of Vettel and Australian Mark Webber, who, after a much disrupted qualifier, found themselves taking pole position and second place respectively.

Webber has still not been able to gain a podium position in his native Grand Prix, and this will continue. His poor start, seeing him dropped to seventh proved key.

The opening of any Formula One is usually extremely tasty. Every driver is keen to get out in front and will do anything to ensure this. Quite surprisingly, the start in Melbourne seemed uneventful, with no collisions or a need for the Safety Car. Raikkonen had moved into fourth after beginning in seventh.

Much as any Grand Prix is, Strategy and Pit Stops proved essential, with Raikkonen requiring two stops; having to rely on his tyres. This proved to be a key element, with the Spanish Alonso stopping three times.

By lap 23, Raikkonen had moved into pole position and regained the lead from Lap 34 to hold on for the win quite comfortably.

If this race is anything to go by, the 2013 Season will be extremely tantalising and close. The credit goes to Team Lotus, but all eyes will turn to Malaysia next week for Race 2.