England Thrash San Marino

Friday saw England take on the minnows San Marino in what proved to be more of a training regime that a World Cup Qualifier.

For San Marino were, as expected, poor, and England came out 8-0 winners.

The opening goal in England’s record-breaking goal scoring exploits came from a San Marino player, who comically turned the ball into his own net. The beginning of the inevitable destruction had begun.

Goal highlights include Wayne Rooney’s beautifully placed free kick and Ashley Young’s smashing drive from distance.

For a team ranked 207th in the world, San Marino never looked like creating anything. It was indeed a lesson in football and England got the job done.

This performance was never going the put Roy Hodgson and his men to the sword but England were ruthless.

Previously, a controversial squad exit from Rio Ferdinand had blighted the England camp but this did not take any hold over the game.

As a football nation, San Marino is non-existent. Their manager is a PE Teacher at a school and all of the players have a day job alongside their international pedigree. Their stadium is tiny and England came to do a job and they luckily did.

Tuesday sees England take on Montenegro in what is sure to be more of a spectacle for any fan, although there are sure to be far fewer goals.


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