Bradford Hit the Big Time

Down in the depths of the fourth tier of English Football; in amongst the terraces and small attendances lies perhaps the greatest footballing achievement to date – Bradford City.

They dared to dream – and this dream is now reality with the League Two team taking a trip to Wembley to face the Premier League outfit, Swansea City in the Capital One Cup.

This success has not been easy. This cup run has seen Bradford outfox three other Premier League sides, earning the club over £2 million in the process.

Not since Rotherham in 1961, has a fourth division side made the League Cup final. What perhaps makes it provide more admiration is that in the whole, City’s side contains either youth players or those poached on a free.

Take James Hanson for example. Bradford’s Number 9. A local boy who came good, scoring the vital goal to take City to the final. What makes his story even more romantic is that only a few years ago, Hanson work in a supermarket, balancing his footballing career with sorting out tins.

These are those stories that bring a real romance to football. The money and resources that clubs such as Manchester City and Chelsea have didn’t get them to the final. The grit and determination that Bradford have shown throughout this tournament did get them there.

Whether the League Cup is a chance for youth and reserve team players to get a game or not. I’m sure the Bradford fans or any for that matter, would appreciate a trip to Wembley and the chance of a trophy.

A fantastic story which will reach its final chapter on February 24th. The likes of which we may never see again.


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